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'What You Need to Start Running Properly'

'What You Need to Start Running Properly'

If you're thinking about becoming a runner, you're probably not alone. With the spring weather settling in and some are on the horizon, the one thing that you want is to be outside more and breathing in that fresh air. It doesn't matter whether you're contemplating your very first run or you want to head out a few times a week already, we've got the advice that you need that can make things much easier.

Running can feel like you're part of a secret club, but you don't have to worry about missing out. There are so many running tips out there for beginners such as yourself that are going to help you to get moving. Don't forget to transfer playlist from Spotify to Apple Music so that you can stay connected and have fun. You want to be able to run on your terms, and that means running with the playlist that you want. Let's take a look at some of the things that you need to start running properly.


  • Start with a walk. If you're new to running, the first thing that you should do is start actually walking and jogging before you start sprinting. It's always a good idea to develop a consistent walking routine before you start building up to running. Think of it as building up your stamina.If you've never been running before, it can get very difficult on the ankles and on the thighs to just jump straight into a Sprint.
  • Don't go running alone. Running is like many exercises, it takes endurance. Running requires almost as much upper body and core strength as it does lower body muscular endurance. So make sure that during your pre running walking month add in core and upper body resistance workouts.
  • Work on buying some running shoes. Going and getting fitted for proper running shoes is a no brainer. You want to get moving, so you need to do something a little bit more than just buy from your local shoe shop. Running shoes are often rounded to your feet. This means you are choosing something that's supportive for your foot shape and size. The right pair of shoes is going to make a big difference, and it's going to help to prevent any possible injuries that you may incur when you are running.
  • Invest in a great sports bra. Running is a high impact sport, so it means that your usual sports bras may not do the job. You need something with a high level of support to minimize that bounce and also to keep your back supported as well.
  • Get a great watch. An Apple Watch or Garmin will really help you to keep an eye on your running speeds, your times, and how long you're running for. It's a great way to find some accountability in your new exercise routine, and it's something that you should really consider investing in. When it gets tough it can help you to persevere to see those numbers. 

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