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Ultimate Guide to Asian American Entertainment

Actress  Rong Fu stars "My Fake Boyfriend”  on Amazon Prime

Actress Rong Fu stars "My Fake Boyfriend” on Amazon Prime

Photographer:  Kristina Ruddick 

My Fake Boyfriend follows a young man who is in a tricky situation when he follows the advice of his unconventional best friend (Dylan Sprouse) and uses social media to create a fake boyfriend to keep his awful ex-lover out of his life. But everything backfires when he meets the real love of his life, and breaking up with his fake boyfriend proves hard to do. Rong Fu plays Jessica, an intense millennial with a passion for cooking. She is a student at Rafi's (Samer Salem) cooking class and is in love with him. She gets concerned when Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) joins the class and seems to be interested in the teacher too. She tries to win Rafi's heart at all costs. You can stream in now on Amazon Prime.



Tell us a little more about your role in "My Fake Boyfriend?"

I play Jessica who is a student at Rafi's (Samer Salem) cooking class. Jessica is very intense and a little obsessed with Rafi. When Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) joins the class, she immediately senses something and feels threatened by Andrew's presence. She tries everything she can to get Ravi's attention and claim him as hers. 

How did you prepare for the role? 

I learned my lines and thought of a few physical jokes that I could insert into the scenes. It's always helpful to have a few ideas in my back pocket before getting to set. 


What was it like off set while filming? 

It was really chill, I loved the energy of the cast and crew. Everyone was having a good time and it was a lot of fun both on and off set. 


What's your favorite thing to cook? Do you aspire to open a restaurant one day? 

I love to make noodles, they are the ultimate comfort food for me and there are endless types of noodle dishes to make! I definitely have a dream to one day open a casual restaurant featuring some of my favorite dishes growing up. Or maybe just a noodle shop. 




 What inspires you in life? 

I am really inspired by food in general because it is an expression of love that brings people together. If you take a peek into my algorithm it's mostly content about growing, making, and eating food. I am endlessly fascinated by people who dedicate their lives to the craftsmanship of making delicious things. ‘



Where's your favorite place to visit? Where do you call home? 

Toronto is home for me and one of my favorite places to visit is the Distillery District. It's a very vibrant and artistic pocket in the city that is lined with bricks and cobblestones. It feels like the amalgamation of the old and new. There's a wonderful theatre company there called Soulpepper, and it's where I got my first job as an actor out of theatre school. The Distillery District holds a very special place in my heart. 



What a full day in your shoes like? 

A full day when I'm working on a project usually looks like getting picked up early in the morning, spending a full day on set, and coming home to eat a pack of instant ramen as a reward for myself. On a day when I'm not working, I usually wake up around 10AM and slowly get myself ready for the day. I start each morning with a quick yoga routine, followed by a smoothie and a black coffee. I like to schedule meetings and auditions or self tapes in the early afternoon since I am not a morning person. Then I would go out for a walk, maybe pick up some groceries, go to the gym, and make dinner. My favorite time of the day is when I get to spend the night watching TV with my partner and enjoying a few cocktails. 


What's your beauty routine? 

I follow pretty much the same steps in the morning and night. I start by cleansing my face with either water or cleanser, followed by toner, hyaluronic acid serum, eye serum, and finish with either daytime or nighttime face cream. I always make sure to wear sunscreen before I go outside and bring extra to reapply throughout the day. Finally, I like to add a retinol serum to my routine at night. 


Do you have any other projects lined up for 2023? 

I just finished shooting an episode of a new show called Accused which will premiere on Fox in 2023, and I have reprised my role as Jenna Mitchell in season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds which will be on Paramount+. 


How can fans support you and follow you via social media? 

You can find me online at or on socials as @rongideas