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The New York Asian Film Festival is co-presented by the New York Asian Film Foundation and Film at Lincoln Center, and takes place from July 14–30, 2023 at FLC’s Walter Reade Theater (165 West 65th Street, New York, NY), and on July 21–23 at the Barrymore Film Center (153 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ). It is curated by executive director Samuel Jamier, associate director Claire Marty, China region expert and consultant Hiroshi Fukazawa, and programmers David Wilentz, Karen Severns, Koichi Mori, and Jenny Lin.

FIRST WAVE OF LINEUP (43 feature films, 20 short films) more titles to be announced
(Please note the program is still subject to change.)



Art College 1994 | dir. Liu Jian, China, 2023 | North American Premiere
The Cord of Life | dir. Qiao Sixue, China, 2023 | New York Premiere
The Empty Nest | dir. Zhang Wei, China, 2020 | North American Premiere
Factory Boss | dir. Zhang Wei, China, 2014 | Special Screening
The Rib (Director’s Cut) | dir. Zhang Wei, China, 2018
A Woman | dir. Wang Chao, China, 2022 | North American Premiere

A Light Never Goes Out | dir.Anastasia Tsang, Hong Kong, 2022 | U.S. Premiere
Everyphone Everywhere | dir. Amos Why, Hong Kong, 2023 | North American Premiere
In Broad Daylight | dir. Lawrence Kan, Hong Kong, 2023 | North American Premiere
Mad Fate | dir. Soi Cheang, Hong Kong, 2023 | North American Premiere
Nomad (Director’s Cut) | dir. Patrick Tam, Hong Kong, 1982, Restored 2023 | East Coast Premiere
The Sunny Side of the Street | dir. Lau Kok-rui, Hong Kong/Malaysia, 2022 | New York Premiere
Vital Signs | dir. Cheuk Wan-chi, Hong Kong, 2023 | North American Premiere

JAPAN (presented with the support of the Japan Foundation)
#Manhole | dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Japan, 2023 | East Coast Premiere
December | dir. Anshul Chauhan, Japan, 2022 | North American Premiere
Egoist | dir. Daishi Matsunaga, Japan, 2023 | New York Premiere
A Hundred Flowers | dir. Genki Kawamura, Japan, 2022 | New York Premiere
In Her Room | dir. Chihiro Ito, Japan, 2022 | North American Premiere
Mayhem Girls | dir. Shinichi Fujita, Japan, 2022 | International Premiere
Motherhood | dir. Ryūichi Hiroki, Japan, 2022 | U.S. Premiere
Mountain Woman | dir. Takeshi Fukunaga, Japan/USA, 2022 | North American Premiere
Okiku and the World | dir. Junji Sakamoto, Japan, 2023 | North American Premiere

I Love You, Beksman | dir. Percival Intalan, Philippines, 2022 | North American Premiere
12 Weeks | dir. Anna Isabelle Matutina, Philippines 2022 | International Premiere
Where Is the Lie? | dir. Quark Henares, Philippines, 2023 | New York Premiere

Geylang | dir. Boi Kwong, Singapore, 2022 | North American Premiere

SOUTH KOREA (co-presented with Korean Cultural Center New York)
Bear Man | dir. Park Sung-kwang, South Korea, 2023 | North American Premiere
Hail to Hell | dir. Lim Oh-jeong, South Korea, 2022 | North American Premiere
The Host | dir. Bong Joon Ho, South Korea, 2006 | Special Screening
Killing Romance | dir. Lee Won-suk, South Korea, 2023 | North American Premiere
Phantom | dir. Lee Hae-young, South Korea, 2023 | North American Premiere
Rebound | dir. Chang Hang-jun, South Korea, 2023 | New York Premiere
A Tour Guide | dir. Kwak Eun-mi, South Korea, 2023 | North American Premiere

TAIWAN (presented with the support of Taipei Cultural Center in New York)
Bad Education | dir. Kai Ko, Taiwan, 2022 | North American Premiere
Eye of the Storm | dir. Lin Chun-yang, Taiwan, 2023 | International Premiere
Gaga | dir. Laha Mebow, Taiwan, 2022 | East Coast Premiere
Marry My Dead Body | dir. Cheng Wei-hao, Taiwan, 2022 | East Coast Premiere
Miss Shampoo | dir. Giddens Ko, Taiwan, 2023 | North American Premiere

Kitty the Killer | dir. Lee Thongkham, Thailand, 2023 | International Premiere
You & Me & Me | dir. Weawwan Hongvivatana and Wanweaw Hongvivatana, Thailand, 2023 | North American Premiere

Glorious Ashes | dir. Bui Thac Chuyên, Vietnam/France/Singapore, 2022 | North American Premiere

A-Town Boyz | dir. Eunice Lau, USA, 2023 | World Premiere
The Effects of Lying | dir. Isher Sahota, U.K., 2023 | North American Premiere

Borderline | dir. Kong Son-hee, South Korea, 2022 | World Premiere
Confusion of the Afternoon | dir. Yung-Chieh Lee, Taiwan, 2023 | East Coast Premiere
Goose Mountain | dir. Hu Rui and Chen Liaoyu, China, 2023
Handwritten | dir. Jaime Sunwoo, USA, 2022 | New York Premiere
Hidari | dir. Masashi Kawamura, Japan, 2023
Impurrfection | dir. Chiang Yao, Taiwan, 2022 | New York Premiere
Little Pig Demon (Nobody) | dir. Yu Shui and Chen Liaoyu, China, 2023
The Kidnapping (Old Man Yang) | dir. Gu Yang, Liu Kuang, Chen Liaoyu, China, 2023
Ship Down the Well | dir. Chen Xi, Zhou Xiaolin, Chen Liaoyu, China, 2023
What We Leave Behind | dir. Kang Nam-jin, South Korea, 2022 | International Premiere

Live Action
All Your Fault, PD | dir. Kim Sun-yeun, South Korea, 2022 | North American Premiere
Fix Anything | dir. Le Lam Vien, Vietnam, 2022 | North American Premiere
Hunchback | dir. Tahmineh Bahram, Iran, 2023 | World Premiere
Infant (Perzent) | dir. Karash Zhanyshov, Kyrgyzstan, 2022 | U.S. Premiere
Kumbang (Bugs) | dir. Gwai Lou, Malaysia, 2023 | World Premiere
Neo Portraits | dir. Gazebo, Japan, 2023 | International Premiere
Resellers | dir. Lee Seung-ju, South Korea, 2022 | International Premiere`
A Roadside Banquet | dir. Peiqi Peng, USA/China, 2023 | East Coast Premiere
Sweet Refuge | dir. Maryam Mir, USA, 2023 | East Coast Premiere
Will You Look at Me | dir. Shuli Huang, China, 2022