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Amazon Prime Original's "The Expanse" NYCC Activation

Amazon Prime Original's "The Expanse" NYCC Activation

Upon arrival, fans will transform into fearless explorers as they join the crew of the show’s Rocinante spaceship. Attendees will step aboard the Hollywood-level spacecraft to journey to the upcoming season’s distant new setting. Guests will star in their own recreations of the Season 4 artwork, as they dramatically alight to take their first steps on New Terra – or Ilus, depending on your allegiance – in a highly shareable photo booth experience. 


Amazon Prime Original's "The Expanse" NYCC Activation_1


The show’s far-away journey becomes reality at NYCC 2019 courtesy of Prime Video. As our rookie adventurers line up and embark, The Expanse ambassadors instruct them on what to expect inside the ship, briefing these brave explorers on their one-way mission to boldly step out into the unknown. Amidst the authentic props and flickering screens, an array of Easter eggs, show references and Snapchat-enabled Belter tattoos draw everyone deeper into The Expanse’s distinctive universe.


The must-share photo op will thrill core fans and new audiences with the wonder of space exploration, turning series anticipation into fervor, and inspiring all of us to tune in to the action.