A Brief Guide To Boho Fashion - Ouch! Magazine

A Brief Guide To Boho Fashion

Boho style is a type of fashion inspired by hippies and bohemians of the 60s and 70s. The likes of the Olsen Twins and Kate Moss would resurrect it in the 00s and it still remains very popular. Just how do you pull off boho style? This post offers a few pointers. Flowing fabrics Flowing layered fabrics are key to boho style. Such fabrics are...

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Choosing The Right Accessories For An Outfit -ouch magazine

Choosing The Right Accessories For An Outfit

Whether one considers themselves a fashionista or not, dressing up an outfit can be a great opportunity to experiment with personal style. Our styles change as we age and that style might be subtle or it could be a complete 360 from where it was previously. Accessories influence an outfit greatly, so it’s worth making sure that the closet stocks plenty of accessories to partner...

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4 Statement Accessories to Spice Up Your Wardrobe - Ouch! Magazine : Fashion Entertainment Blog and Publication

4 Statement Accessories to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

It is no secret that women love to accessorize irrespective of where they are going. This is because accessories lend a sense of personal style and fashion, complimenting their wearer's outfits. Unsurprisingly, Statista data in 2017 estimated the female accessories retail sales for that year to be $31.9 billion! There are numerous accessories you can add to your collection to make a profound statement wherever...

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Men's Style - Accessorizing Is Key

When it comes to men's style, there are many different elements, the same as there is with womens. Accessorizing is going to be key because it has the ability to take the outfit from a 6 to a 9 or 10. It’s important that you know how to accessorize well if you want to be able to achieve this. If you don’t know how to...

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