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Actor Adam McArthur One to Watch

Actor Adam McArthur One to Watch

Photographer: Ryan West @ryanwestphoto

Grooming: Laura Arango @ lauraarangoartistry

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What is the most exciting thing about working on an animated series?

There are no bad days! I’m getting paid to do what I used to get in trouble for in Jr. High. It’s the absolute best job in the world, and I get to help shape fans’ lives by bringing some of their favorite characters to life. 


How long have you enjoyed your career as a voice over artist ?

Answer: I had my first voice over job for a Macy’s radio commercial back in 2001. I did about 30 commercials for them, voicing a range of teenage boys excited for the Back-to-School sale.


 Do you think you’ll ever produce an original series of your own one day?

I’ve actually pitched several shows in the past and, although I’m not currently doing that, I can definitely see myself doing it down the line. 


What is a full day like recording? I bet it is fun!

You’re right! It’s super fun! In voiceover a “full day” is actually four hours. My sessions range from recording new episodes to doing ADR for episodes that have already been animated. ADR is when I go in and re-record any lines that production changed between my first recording session and when the episode was animated. So, in those sessions I have to match my voice up to my character’s mouth movement. It’s four hours of laughter and joy.


Can you offer any spoilers on the new season?

 No way! But I can say that no one is going to see it coming.


What is your current obsession right now?

So many things! My Hero Academia, Boba, and working on my fitness.


Do you have any other hidden talents that fans would love to know?

Hmm… I have 3 black belts! Does that count?


What other projects can we look out for in 2019 that you will be involved in?

There are new episodes of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil every Sunday on Disney Channel! You can also keep an eye out for me in the new independently produced animated series Salem.


How can everyone find you on social media?

Answer: They can follow me on Instagram @ninjamac and on Twitter @_AdamM.


Do you have any future fan events coming up?

There is an event at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California on April 6th. I’m also hoping to do something fun with the fans at WonderCon on March 30th. Follow my social media for all the details!