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Actress Stephanie Cleough One to Watch

Actress Stephanie Cleough One to Watch



1. We love Netflix's "Altered Carbon". Can you tell us about your role in the series?
My character is a prostitute named Anemone in a dystopian reality set 300 years from now. But underneath her tough exterior, she's a compassionate, gentle soul with a past who decides to risk her life to help Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman). She's really a beautiful example of the humanity and kindness people are capable of, even in the harshest of circumstances.

2. What attracted you to this role? Was it your first choice?
It was actually the second role I was up for in the series. The first one was a lot of fun too but I loved how layered Anemone was as a character. I empathized with her so much, I couldn't wait to bring her to life.

3. This must be a very visual series being one of the most expensive to produce. How was it on set?
Incredible, honestly. The attention to detail and absolute commitment to the reality of the universe was so inspiring. I loved every second!

4. Speaking of great roles, what was your experience like on "The Originals". What do you miss about your role, and how do you feel about the series coming to an end?
I've been so lucky to get to play some really fun characters! Alexis was an absolute blast. Again, such great writing gave me so much to play with and explore. I'm such a fan of the show as well so it's always sad to see something you love the end, but I also really respect how they've gone about it. They've been so true to the heart of the story and its characters. I think the fans will be really happy.

5. Is there a downside to being in costumes most of the time or is it a plus?
Honestly, it's the best! Getting to put on such different 'hats' all the time... I basically get to play for a living so I really can't complain!

6. What's your daily workout and beauty routine?
I aim for balance. Respect yourself, take care of yourself, challenge yourself, but also remember that life is an adventure so sit back and enjoy the ride!

7. How do you keep your spirits up as you move from role to role? It sounds exhausting [haha]!
Coffee [laughs]. Seriously though the challenge of a new role never gets old. Cheesy but true! It's always exciting, and that keeps me motivated!

8. Do you have kids or are you married, or dating?
I tend to play my cards a little closer to my chest on that front but I can tell you I'm dating a tall, dark and handsome Irishman, and he's wonderful. He may also fall off his chair when he reads this. ;)

9. Who would you love to work with on future projects as a love interest?
Uh oh! [laughs] Now that I've answered question #8 I'd better not answer this one. I'd get myself in trouble!

10. How can fans reach out and support you currently, over 2018 and beyond?
Instagram is probably the best. I'm on there as @stephcleough. I have to say I've been a little slow jumping on the social media bandwagon, but I do love that it's such a great way to keep in touch and share. I'm finding myself on there more and more so absolutely reach out!


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