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Meet influencer & Actress Elysia Rotaru

Elysia Rotaru

 Photography: Max Thompson

As an influencer and an Actress what has been the hardest part of your combination of the 2 worlds? 

I try not to combine them, as I feel they are very different worlds. But there are times when my skill set as an actor comes into the social media side of things and vice versa. I think with my work as an actor I am tapping into energies that help transform me for a role and tell a story; possibly influencing and leaving an impact on people who watch the work. With what I do and how I use social media, the work and approach are different, for me anyway; I like to have my personality upfront. And even though I don’t consider myself a true bona fide ‘influencer’ as we have come to know them, I personally believe that whatever ‘influence’ I put out there is just based off of ‘me’ as I know myself now - not as a character. So what I find the most challenging thing with social media, being an actor, is staying TRUE and honest to my values, which get challenged every day, by every scroll, every swipe up, every like, every comment, and not allowing my system to feel like there is a mealybug on it. If you look at my feeds, I rarely have a post with a coffee in my hand or a post stating ‘paid partnership with...’ and it’s because I don’t really fit into the classic ‘influencer’ box. I have my own vibe and authenticity I like to hold on to and that only attracts so many paid brand partnerships. And I always try to keep some underlying core values alive in both areas including to be of service, be kind, be a good person, and honor what I am passionate about. So the footprint I leave behind on social media, on set, in the booth or in my daily life, is one that aligns with values close to my heart, and hopefully, they affect, inspire and ‘influence’ people on deeper levels.

Do you feel that social media is a blessing or a curse? What's your favorite platform to you use?

I think it’s both, and it all depends on how you view and use social media. In turn, your question spawns my question; does it help you live a more full life, filled with joy and peace? I think most people let it consume them, and a scary and unhealthy habit can start to form. It did for me at one point that’s for sure. When I first got Instagram, I wasn’t using it the right way because I didn’t understand it. And seeing how many trolls come out and the cyberbullying online always puts a damper on it. But over time I have come to enjoy social media and find it fun! I have a different relationship with it now. I also love seeing and reading articles about how there is more education being taught in schools to young kids about the scary parts of being online, and tips to help keep them safe. If people are educated on the internet and social media, and it’s utilized correctly, social media can be a really fun, helpful tool - not only to stay connected with people, and to help businesses, but to also fortify and expand awareness on a higher level, because social media does help cultivate community. I also think there needs to be more emphasis out there that most influencers, celebs, etc... have highly curated social media feeds for a reason. And that it is, for the most part, a highlight reel, usually filled with vapid, photoshopped, advertisement-like posts that can really skew your vision of real-life and can start to create insecurities for some. Or, it can have the opposite effect, where it can help take people to a higher state, look beyond the vapidity of ‘app life’ and help them bloom into discovering a different more fruitful way of life, both on and off social media. And personally, I like to keep it simple and primarily like to use Instagram and YouTube. You are a well-rounded actress working in multifarious varied genres.


You are a well-rounded actress working in multifarious varied genres. What is your favorite to work in horror or comedy or voice over?

Thank you! I wish I could say I have a favorite to work in, but I love them all. They are all so different, which I love. But if I have to choose one, I love working on horror/ comedy projects.  Oh, and Voiceover work is something that I most definitely could not live without. 

Where would you love to travel to but haven’t in the world?

A lot of places! The Yukon, East Coast of Canada, Haida Gwaii, Alaska, Australia, The Maldives, India, South America, Japan, Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Greece, India, South Africa, more states in the USA, more of California, Napa Valley, etc. Wow, I guess I need to get more traveling in.

What inspires you as an actress and or in life?

The answer to this changes almost daily for me, but I know it’s always some form of inspiration that comes from deep within me that I can't explain, and sometimes it’s aided or sparked by external influences. Also, the magic that happens when energies come together for the same purpose and there is a powerful, creative force that just moves you. I love that. I love going to class and seeing fellow actors work, or watching people execute their craft or sport; really just witnessing life on all levels get me going. And yea, even being in hours of LA traffic sometimes does it for me.

Can you give us any spoilers on your various new projects this year?

Well, I am very excited to share that I  can now be heard as the voice of She-Hulk in the new Marvel Super Hero Adventures animated shorts, also featuring your friendly neighbor Spiderman and The Hulk and am beyond proud and honored to bring this iconic character to life. Coming out soon, you get to go on an adventure with me as Taylor Crane in a great psychological action thriller called KILL BIRDS, directed by Joe Zanetti, where I was able to perform the majority of my own stunts, so it will be a fun one for audiences to see. Keep your eyes peeled for me in the feature film Buddy Games, directed by Josh Duhamel, which should also be out this year, a new film called The Color Rose., and in Hallmark's newest Darrow and Darrow film. On the voiceover front, you can now hear and play me in various video games including Crackdown 3, FIFA 19 & 18 and Anthem, and in the virtual reality games, Echo Combat by Ready at Dawn Studios where I help guide you as Hera, and soon you'll be able to 'Face Your Fears' with me in the new VR game by Turtle Rock Studios and Oculus. I will also be producing more this year too, from my own YouTube show FIELD TRIP to making more short films, and hopefully, I’ll be starting a podcast as well. So a lot is happening, and I’m beyond grateful!



How can readers meet and greet you live or are you active on social media?

Well, for those of you who can get out to comic-cons, that's a great place to come say hi, given I’m attending that is. Otherwise, you can always see little tidbits of me on Instagram, especially my stories, AND by subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Any last words you’d love to mention?

Just that I’m grateful for your time and energy and for your support in what I do. YOU ARE AWESOME!