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Ashley Gerasimovich: A Rising Young Hollywood Actress

Ashley Gerasimovich: A Rising Young Hollywood Actress

Photographer: Michael Creagh 

We absolutely love THE DETOUR. It's not very kid friendly, but very funny. How did your parents react to the script whenever you auditioned?

When I first auditioned for The Detour, we were only given a couple of scenes to work on. My parents thought the scenes were hysterical! Then when I booked the role, we read the script for the pilot - it was hilarious!

You are an amazing comedic actress! Is this one of your passions or do you prefer more dramatic roles?

Thank you! I don't have a preference between dramas and comedies because they are both so different. Comedies have such a lighthearted atmosphere and everyone is always telling jokes! In dramas, I challenge myself in emotional scenes and I love the new experiences!

Can you give us any spoilers for the next season and your character?

Even if I wanted to tell you about season 3, I actually don't have any answers for you! My guess is just as good as anyone else's! I'm really looking forward to finding out!

Who do you admire as an actor/actress? I really admire my TV mom, Natalie Zea. I've learned so much from her acting-wise, she's such an amazing actress. I'm lucky to have her!

Who would you really want to work with on a tv show or movie?

My little sister was lucky enough to work with Chris Pratt, and I would love to work with him! He's a really good actor and he also seems really nice!

How old were you when you got started in acting?

I had my first audition when I was five years old. It was for a movie called Fair Game and it starred Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. I actually booked the role! I had so much fun and realized I loved acting!

What would you like to see your generation of girls achieve in the future?

I would like to see the girls of my generation change the world somehow. I don't care if it's as small as making a new game that everyone loves, or as big as creating a cure for cancer! I would just love to see a girl of my generation do something great.  Do you have any hidden talents? I'm almost a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I love to ride horses. I also love random facts and have 3 different books solely on them.

What else can we watch for, from you this year and 2018?

There is a movie I star in called A Different Sun about a Chinese family that moved to Germany and is just trying to fit in, much like the Parkers in NYC. A German family becomes friends with the Chinese family. I play the German family's daughter, Nina. I even get to do a German accent!

 Where can fans reach out to you?

I love my fans! Everyone can follow me on Instagram @ashleygerasimovich and Twitter @AshGerasimovich. Follow me to see what I'm up to!