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Thomas Barbusca featured in 'Millennial Issue'

Thomas Barbusca featured in 'Millennial Issue'

Photographer: Eliza Logan


Thomas Barbusca : Ouch Magazine 'Millennial Issue'_1


How did you go from commercials to landing a hit tv show?

I booked over twenty-five commercials in about two years. I was going out on TV and movie auditions, started working steady and then landed The Mick.

Which project did you enjoy the most?

I'm enjoying The Mick right now. I also really enjoyed working on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

What drew you to the "The Mick"? The script for The Mick was amazing! Also, as soon as I heard the writers were from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Kaitlin Olson was attached that sealed the deal.  How is it on set? The Mick set is my second home. Everyone in the cast and crew is like family. We all have a great relationship and it makes working a lot of fun.

You are already picked up for season two, what would you like to see in Chip's future? Maybe Chip could get a job or start driving. I expect lots of crazy storylines for Chip. I'm ready. Where would you like your career to go from this point on?

I'm happy working on the show but maybe in the future, some movies in between would be cool. Just continued success in working; it's what I love to do.  

What is your all-time favorite movie and why? So many. Any movie Leonardo DiCaprio is in is my favorite.  

How would you describe your style on a personal level? Casual cool. Do you have any Hollywood crushes? Too many!  

Do you have any last words for your fans on upcoming projects? Thank you for always being supportive, I appreciate it so much. I have some upcoming projects, including a movie called, Search.