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The Ultimate Guide to Erin Reese's Career

The Ultimate Guide to Erin Reese's Career

Photographer Nicole Mitchem

Pop Star and Actress Erin Reese

If you could do this all over again, how would you start your career?

Good question.I started so young at age 5 modeling thinking maybe I would have pursued getting an LA agent sooner.

What's the hardest things about being a young Hollywood star?

“Sometimes people can be cruel in the things they say about you, being judgmental.”

What's the weirdest fan encounter you've had so far?

I was in Florida using a public bathroom and could hear girls whispering loudly saying that’s the girl from Chicken Girls while I was in the stall.

Tell me about the new music you're doing. What's the style, and who would enjoy it?

Most of what I’ve released is country/pop, however, I have been working on new music that will cross over into christian genre.

Who would be your ultimate duo collaboration be with?

It would be a dream to work with Kasey Musgraves.

What inspires you in life?

My family. Their love and support has fueled me to do more and keep pushing myself especially on days you just want to give up.

What's a full day with you like, beginning to end?

Breakfast & coffee are a must, devotionals, social media scrolling and posting. Vocal warm ups twice a day, working on songs in progress, working on any interviews I may have and dance class five to six days a week.

Do you have any projects you'd like to mention?

I have a new single “Get to Know Ya” coming out in September we are filming the music video in coming weeks. More music is in the works that I’m excited to share soon!

How can fans reach out to you via social media or live appearances?

You can follow me on all my social links I post regularly.

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ny tips can you give to new artist in any fields?

Stay true to who you are. Don’t give up because things get tough. It’s a hard business but believe in yourself and keep pushing forward.’