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Actress Masiela Lusha Reprises Role For "Sharknado 5

Actress Masiela Lusha Reprises Role For "Sharknado 5


What type of fandom do you think to follow "Sharknado  'movies?  

Sharknado has a lot of heart. I especially fell in love with the movie’s core family values in every film. I simply adore the Sharknado fandom because the community doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet it is brimming with sincerity and enthusiasm. It’s a delightful land of joy! It feels utterly refreshing to be in a room with Sharknado enthusiasts!

How did you come across your part in  Sharknado 5  and you already a fan?   I was offered Sharknado while scheduled to fly to Florence, Italy! Within 48 hours of my trip, I read the script, fell in love with its core values, and with the prospect of doing my own stunts. The project was simply too delicious to pass up, and a first for me!

Can you give any spoilers?

  True to any Sharknado series, Sharknado 5 takes it further and deeper. There are a lot of unexpected elements that may absolutely shock even the most seasoned fans. I dare anyone to predict the ending! Come on, Twitter, I’ll be watching your live feed!

How long have you been an actress?   I’ve been an actress since the age of 12. While I’ve cultivated other hobbies and passions along the way, acting remains my most intuitive career. There is something unrushed, easy, and instinctual about diving into a new script and building a new character. The role develops on her own, and I’m often not the conscious driver in these choices; it all happens subconsciously. While reading the script, as a character, I start developing characteristics that cement my choices – and try as I might, once those ticks and traits are discovered, I cannot rebuild during filming! They’re as intractable as a real-life person.

Do you have any other hidden skills?  

I once solved the Rubik's cube in 6 minutes. Those hours of waiting on set truly force you to learn other skills. I also love to paint.   / ouch magazine

 Where do you all home and where is your favorite place to visit?  

I’ve lived in Los Angeles longer than anywhere else in the world, so I would call LA my home. Though, Vienna and Michigan both cultivated in me a deep desire for four seasons. In LA we only have what feels to be like two seasons: spring and summer. Feeling snowmelt on my cheek truly does pull me back into a deep, deep nostalgia. I’ve written countless poems about these sensations.

What other projects do you have lined up for  2017-2018?  

There’s one massive project in the works but I am sworn to secrecy! I feel our fans are so in tune that even one hint would tip the show! (hint)

How can fans reach out to you?  

I’m quite active on social media.

Fans can reach me on Instagram: @MasielaLusha, twitter: @Masiela  and/or Facebook: Masiela Lusha

I love hearing from fans! And I also try my best to respond to as many messages as I can!


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