Actor , Producer & Influencer  Enzo Zelocchi

Actor , Producer & Influencer Enzo Zelocchi

Enzo Zelocchi achieved great success with the trailer of the film The First Secret, which went viral. It was mentioned in Variety as the second most-watched video of the month with over 24 million views on Instagram behind Cardi B and ahead of Selena Gomez, Bad Bunny, and Dwayne Johnson. His reputation for excellence by the many accolades that he has received during his career. Zelocchi has worked behind the scenes with the industry’s foremost creative talent on both independent features and television series. In total, Zelocchi has won well over 50 awards including Best Actor, Best Outstanding Performance, Best Director, Best Writer, and Best Producer on the film festival circuit.

Photographer: Bjoern Kommerell

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Which talent did you discover first about yourself, and then what came next?
I have had a good instinct for business since I was young. The arts come in second, but I immediately connected with it. 
I literally merged together with my business skills with acting and that's how I was able to naturally be an actor and producer at the same time with a deep understanding on both sides. It helped me a lot because the entertainment industry is a business and just being very artistically talented is not enough nowadays. Once you're in Hollywood, you become a product that needs to sell.  Waiting around for your agent to call you while you're busy at parties is not going to take you far. 

I know you are an accomplished Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Influencer, but which one could you not live without?
Definitely, acting. Acting is literally under my skin and forged into my soul. But producing is right up there too. I like to be able to express myself while I'm able to maximize every opportunity without being used as a puppet. I have a deep sense of discipline, strategy, and execution. I like to find the right formula for everything. Having a good balance is very important as a man and artist. 

How did the project of The Source come to be? Tell us about your involvement with it.
The Source was originally conceived as a movie franchise. Due to COVID-19, the entertainment industry changed quite a bit in terms of distribution (hopefully temporarily), so I turned it into a TV show. I originally wrote The Source in 2018, and when COVID-19 started, I began to deeply develop all the projects that I thought would be a good fit for this current time in our society. I'm basically the creator, writer (along with others on the team), producer, and lead actor. When the trailer of The Source received over 200 million views, I understood that I was on the right track.   
Name your spirit animal and why?
A lion. I can be a loner or leader and get things done successfully with mastery. I like to help my team shape their skills and maximize their talents to produce and deliver the best possible work. I can take care of business in whatever situation. I don't like people that lie, make excuses, take advantage of weak minds, and victimize themselves to cover up their laziness.  I like to focus on what inspires me. We can all be successful if we deeply believe in ourselves with discipline, education, love, and common sense.     
What makes you feel alive? Where do you call home?
The ocean, going to the movies, acting, good art, and a couple of other things makes me feel alive. Los Angeles is my home. Things have changed quite a bit in certain areas, and even in good neighborhoods. I hope that common sense will eventually prevail for the decision-makers in this beautiful city.

What projects should we be looking out for from The Zelocchi Company and Enzo Zelocchi Films this year or in 2022?
We have quite a few! I really can't wait to continue The First Secret, it's 007 meets Batman with superpowers, an epic story of lust, power, politics, and betrayal that will raise the biggest Hispanic superhero in the history of Hollywood. This project is based on the real person who inspired Ian Fleming to invent the secret 007 agent "James Bond.”

The Invincible is The Gladiator meets 300. It is the story of the greatest 'Publius Cornelius Scipio' (Scipio Africanus), a Roman general who had the rare military distinction of never losing a battle in his career and military history.
The Kinky Rabbit Hole is a TV show inspired by LA's underground sex parties. It is a dive into an unreal dimension, a sort of Alice in Wonderland in a Gothic environment.   



What projects are on the horizon for Crossroads Entertainment?
Crossroads Entertainment is currently focused on some great action projects that are going to be shot between Asia, The Dominican Republic, and Canada. 
What actors, female and male, do you want to work within one of your productions?
I have a long list: Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, and many more! 
How do you see yourself in 2025? Are there any more hidden talents we might find out about?
I'm currently developing a medical platform called A-Medicare. A-Medicare represents the path for universal healthcare; a universal health care system that creates affordable healthcare and provides programs using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology via our free platform portal where users gain credits to pay all or some of their health care. It will be the ultimate destination regarding healthcare for any citizen in the United States. It’s a sort of Amazon but for healthcare. 
Our mission is to decrease the cost of healthcare and to improve its efficiency in all aspects, including the ability for insurance companies to still profit. More importantly, the government will not have to raise taxes, while lowering the cost of healthcare for both the citizens and the federal government. In addition, a universal health care system will create the possibility to spend less internal money for a multiple healthcare platform all being on one database.